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Manual Quail Eggs Peeler Machine


Ideal tool to peel up to 1,500 boiled quail eggs per hour.

For proper operation instructions must be observed.

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Size: 22*9*15.5cm

Weight: 920g

Capacity: Holding 5 -6 quail eggs at a time, you can peel 1000-1500 per hour.

Note:  For best results, it is EXTREMELY important that you follow the next steps:

How to hard boil the quail eggs before using the peeler:

  1. Place quail eggs in boiling water
  2. Cook for 4 minutes
  3. Drain hot water and replace with cold water and drain
  4. Shake quail eggs gently in covered pan in order to crack shells. (15 seg. Aprox.)
  5. Place 5-6 quail eggs in the tool and start peeling


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